Real Estate Investment
with Data-Driven Precision
Agrippa is a broker-free, AI-powered platform that strategically connects commercial real estate Capital Seekers with Capital Providers.
Commercial Real Estate

Where AI meets the dynamic world of CRE developments and acquisitions.

Agrippa is not just a tool; it's a broker-free digital aqueduct designed to create efficient, lucrative, and tailor-made capital connections.
Built for visionary developers and discerning investors of all property types, Agrippa streamlines your journey towards unparalleled strategic partnerships.
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Our Vision

Imagine removing the barriers of CRE investment once and for all.

That's the Agrippa experience. We bring together the best of AI innovation and CRE market expertise to connect those seeking capital with those providing capital.
Our platform is more than a solution; it's a catalyst for growth and success in the competitive commercial real estate landscape.
3 Steps to Success
Join our exclusive community of CRE professionals, then add a deal.
Connect with strategic partners identified by our AI-driven matchmaking algorithm.
Grow your portfolio by building long term relationships.
How It Works

We merge targeted exposure with tailored deal flow.

After submitting key details about your deal, it will only be visible to Capital Providers whose preferences match the deal profile to ensure alignment.
If there is mutual interest, a direct connection will be established - no middlemen.
Why Choose Agrippa
Join a community of verified and highly respected commercial real estate professionals.
No Brokers and No Commissions
Remove the middlemen, build your own relationships, and significantly reduce costs.
Say goodbye to the endless search for the right partners. Our AI does the heavy lifting for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Agrippa a broker?

No, Agrippa is not a broker. In fact, brokers are not permitted on platform. We leverage technology to enhance direct connections between Capital Seekers and Capital Providers, empowering relationship building and reducing costs by eliminating intermediary fees.

What types of users are on Agrippa?

Capital Seekers include developers, property sellers, and property buyers. Capital Providers include registered investment advisors, private equity firms, multi-family offices, single-family offices, endowments, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, foundations, and life insurance companies.

What types of deals and properties are on Agrippa?

Deal types include developments, acquisitions, recapitalizations, dispositions, funds, and portfolios. Property types include multifamily, office, retail, industrial, mixed use, land, single family for rent, hotel, student housing, self-storage, and other specialty types.

How much does Agrippa cost?

For Capital Seekers, the platform is free until a Capital Provider indicates interest in a deal. This includes free access to a database of 20,000 contacts. After a Capital Provider indicates interest in a deal, a monthly subscription fee applies. For Capital Providers, Agrippa is completely free!

Will my deal or information be exposed to everyone on Agrippa?

No, your deal will only be visible to Capital Providers whose preferences align with your deal's profile. Furthermore, information exchange occurs only after mutual interest is confirmed through our double opt-in connection process.

Is there a limitation on the number of deals I can add or indicate interest in?

No, there is no limitation. Capital Seekers can add an unlimited number of deals, and Capital Providers can indicate interest in as many deals as they find suitable.

How many users can I add to my account?

There is no limitation, you can add as many users as you'd like to your account.

Built By
Blake J.
Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CTO
Founding Senior Engineer
Valtus Capital & Capro Capital
Bridge Investment Group
Reflecting Our Values
Disrupt the status quo.
We champion the courage to challenge conventional practices, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and traditional barriers are dismantled. It's this spirit that empowers us and our users to boldly disrupt the status quo.
Find common ground.
No matter the circumstance, expecting unanimous agreement is often times a futile pursuit. Instead, we believe it is more important to understand each other’s perspective and work to find common ground.
Always do the right thing.
We pride ourselves on our ability to discern right from wrong. In today’s world, it has become customary to compromise your beliefs to get ahead... but we prefer to take the road less traveled and always do the right thing.
Play chess, not checkers.
We believe it is imperative to consider the first, second, and third-order consequences of every decision. Take a moment to think through every possible outcome... and remember to play chess, not checkers.
Never give in.
We embrace resilience with unwavering conviction, ensuring that every obstacle becomes a stepping stone towards our goals. As Winston Churchill once said, "Never give in. Never, never, never."
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Our Strategic Partnership
Agrippa is strategically partnered with Augustus, a private real estate investment firm backed by a proprietary base of family office investors and co-investment partners.
With a broad and flexible investment mandate, Augustus is dedicated to cultivating long-term growth and prosperity.