Our Story

Thousands of years ago...
Romans embraced the power of water flow to boost growth and drive prosperity by connecting rivers, lakes, and cities with aqueducts. During the illustrious days of the great Caesar Augustus, one Roman general in particular, Marcus Agrippa, was famous for promoting such critical infrastructure projects. As a believer in the importance of establishing connections to fuel expansion, Marcus is credited with constructing and improving nearly all of the Roman Empire’s aqueducts at the time.
Thousands of years later...
At Agrippa, we believe in the power of capital flow to optimize and advance the world by directly connecting users with modern technology. By utilizing artificial intelligence and our team’s deep understanding of the transaction process, Agrippa is a modern-day aqueduct designed to bridge the gap between Real Estate developers and institutional investors.
Our Values
We firmly stand behind our values with unwavering determination. They are the foundation of everything we do, from how we hire and work together internally to how we make business decisions. We believe that by holding ourselves accountable to these values, we can build something meaningful and long-lasting, much like the structures built by Marcus Agrippa.
Act like an owner
We believe in hiring the best people and trusting them to do the right things. Everyone we hire is an owner of the company. As an owner, if you notice something that could be improved, make a proposal and do it; if you see something wrong, call it out and fix it.
Find common ground
No matter the circumstance, expecting unanimous agreement is often times a futile pursuit. Instead, we believe it is more important to understand each other’s perspective and work to find common ground.
Play chess, not checkers
We believe it is imperative to consider the first, second, and third-order consequences of every decision. Take a moment to think through every possible outcome... and remember to play chess, not checkers.
Communicate well
As a distributed company, we cannot emphasize communication enough. Communications that might occur by happenstance in an office environment will need to be deliberately propagated in a distributed organization. This requires all of us to be proactive in our communication efforts
Always do the right thing
We pride ourselves on our ability to discern right from wrong. In today’s world, it has become customary to compromise your beliefs to get ahead... but we prefer to take the road less traveled and be uncompromisable in our ethics.
Struggle well
Every failure presents an opportunity to learn and grow, so when a failure occurs, we do not lay blame on anyone. Instead, we treat it as a learning opportunity to help us grow and mature both individually and together as a company.
Looking to shape the world?
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